Crochet Inspiration: Pinterest

  Is anyone not on Pinterest looking for inspiration, collecting patterns and generally having a nosey? I don’t know how I get any crafting done. I spend an awful lot of time looking at cats, healthy recipes and mid century homewares, none of which feature in my offline life. 

It’s just so easy to browse though so I’ve created a specific crochet account to share all things crochet. Since last week’s blog about colour, I’ve been using Pinterest to collate lots of garden flower pictures so I can really study the colours and shapes. 

I’ve also got a board for beginners where I’ve pinned my favourite how-to crochet tutorials. These are my favourite references when people ask me online for help. Although I run crochet workshops, I’ve not recorded any videos because there are already some really good ones out there. Just follow my account to see them all in one place – simples. 

What’s your biggest Pinterest distraction? I’d love to know and follow you for more inspiration. 

If you don’t regularly check in at Pinterest, I have a weekly themed share on my FB page. With a ‘heatwave’ predicted for this week in the UK, I might go for comedy crochet beachwear this week. Just pinning it though, not wearing it! 

Until next time,

Adele xx


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