New crochet Workshops

I am so excited to announce that the first of my autumn 2015 workshops is at Live Late:Craft Jam in Sheffield on 9th October. If you’ve not been before you’ve missed out. It’s a brilliant evening at Millennium Galeries starting at 7.30pm. There are lots of crafty workshops, live music and a bar. No need to book either, you just turn up and have a go. 

I’m going to have two things on offer that night: My 10 minute crochet challenge for newbies; and a recycled plastic bag project for anyone that can already use a hook. 

I’ve already created and tested the pattern using old plastic bags to make a trinket dish and I’ll be sharing it with you on the night. I’ll make it available online so you can craft jam at home but I insist on pictures in return. 

My other workshops will be at my local wool shop. I’m planning two granny square tutorials in October; some Christmas themed makes in November; and a beginners class in January (which would make a fab gift). Booking information, dates and prices will be confirmed later this week. 

Who can join me at Craft Jam? I’m so excited about it. 

Keep it crochet,

Adele x


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