Trends for 2016


Daisy Crochet for 2016

Just before the year ends, I like to browse the internet and magazines for upcoming trends. Predicting the future is a massive industry and the big companies spend a lot of time and money planning their next collections to ensure they make and stock things that sell. Perhaps I should do the same thing?

Trend predicting is a complicated thing and if you don’t think you’re influenced by trends, think again. Music, art, technology, politics and economy all influence how we live and consume life.

What you read, who you follow on Instagram, music you listen to, TV you watch, groups you join, bars you go to, festivals you visit and where you holiday all influence your life.

Companies keep an eye on ‘influencers’, people who adopt new trends early and other people copy. For some people these might be pop stars or reality TV celebrities. Others might be influenced by bloggers and journalists, art movements, designers, or just people living the lifestyle you want.

Trends evolve over time and you can learn to predict them yourself. What makes you tick? Chances are it relates to a lot of other people too. 2016 is predicted to see a desire to live a more simple life, eat fresh and natural and buy quality rather than quantity. Interior design and fashion will focus on a natural colour palette, florals will be the pattern of choice in spring and natural materials will be popular in the home (and diet).

So where do I get this information?

  • Pantone – a colour matching system used in design and print and now a leading voice on colour trends. Watch our for Rose Quartz this year
  • Magazines – Elle Decoration, Wallpaper Magazine, interior design magazines. They all share their predictions for the year ahead.
  • Trade journals for craft and artists
  • Makers I admire – I really like following other artists online from Sarah Moore to Kaffe Fassett
  • Pinterest – There’s no getting away from it, Pinterest is where I get a really good insight into what other people like me are doing. I’ve got my own 2016 trend board too.

It’s a bit overwhelming and how does all this translate to what you make? If you crochet like me you’ll see new ranges of yarn in new colours and materials, certain patterns will become popular and with everything, the response of your customers will tell you if you have it right.

I’ve sketched a few new designs for this year and have started adding daisies to my floral brooch collection. Later in the year, I’ll be looking at pastels for my winter tea cosies.

Other than that, I just cant help making things I like so for now, I’m making turquoise necklaces which aren’t on the trend list anywhere.



Crochet Plait Necklace


One thought on “Trends for 2016

  1. I always make myself smile when I look back on the things I have chosen to buy over the last 12 months and realise just how influenced I have been by trends – when I think I’m immune! Colours I used to hate suddenly become my favourite (mustard yellow), designs I hate (geometric) appear on a dress in my wardrobe, and I develop a bit of a thing for all things copper. Cough.
    A great post! It’ll be interesting to see how these trends creep into my button designs this year, whether I think they will or not. (They will!)


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