Crochet How To: Lovehearts

 dark pink crochet hearts 
I promised you crochet hearts for February and here they are. Perfect for newbies as you only need to work one round for a cute little version. Make them in whatever yarn and appropriately sized hook you have. They look so pretty on a card, made into fridge magnets or strung on a garland. 

So first the pattern. I’ve always used one by Planet June. It’s simple, offers options to add more rounds of work and is easy to follow. The pattern uses US terms so remember to translate it if you usually work with UK patterns. Double crochet is our treble crochet in the UK and treble crochet is our double treble. Chain and slip stitch are exactly the same. 

To help you along, I’ve added my favourite tutorials from Simply Crochet and Little Tin Bird for each of the techniques. 

  1. Magic ring
  2. Treble crochet
  3. Double treble 
  4. Slip stitch

My effort earlier today is here: 

Too easy for you? Don’t forget I have a dedicated Pinterest account at where there’s a new board just for Valentine’s Day.

If you make this or any others, please share your makes over on my Facebook page,

See you over on FB and Pinterest and back here next month,

Adele x


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