Bowl crocheted from recycled plastic bags

Recycled crochet bowl

With creative grandparents from the make-do-and-mend generation it was inevitable that Adele would eventually start a business that incorporated her love of vintage crafts, fabric, buttons and yarn. Although making things had always been a hobby, it was a combination of crochet classes in 2008 and working in the arts that really inspired her to take her passion seriously.


Since then, Adele has refined her technique and started designing her own patterns, usually inspired by garden flowers but often embellished with a bit of vintage style fabric, buttons or beads.

Photo of AdeleAs well as designing and making her own crochet creations, Adele teaches others how to hook and is currently working with an independent haberdashery store running crochet workshops in Sheffield. In October 2015, Adele will also be taking part in Craft Jam at Millennium Galleries, an exciting night of crafting , music and socialising.