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Crochet with Friends
Evenings or Weekends Subject to Availability

Do you want to host your own crochet get together? I can deliver a bespoke beginner’s class, design a session for improvers or focus solely on the ever popular granny squares.  A group of six to eight adults is a good size and you will need a space where everyone can sit comfortably in good light. Prices start at £30 an hour including materials (total cost, not per person). Beginners usually need about three hours in a group setting but I can also design a full day for groups that are already familiar with the basic stitches.

Contact me using the form below to enquire about a bespoke class for you and your friends.

Tips Online
Always Open.

You  can follow my dedicated crochet account on Pinterest at any time. I’m always adding to it and have a range of tutorial links, free patterns, inspiration and general woolly goodness.

Not on Pinterest? Like my Facebook page where I regularly update followers with workshop details, links and top tips. I love to see your posts too.

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